ProGuide offers both WSQ and other courses such as Business Communication Skills, Cyber Security and Business Intelligence. Find one that suit your needs.

Employability Skills Courses

We empower graduates with the relevant competencies on personal effectiveness and work values, the important competitive edges needed for today’s workplace. Our SSG Employability Skills programmes enable graduates to be effective in communication and workplace engagement, and team facilitation. Our courses are relevant to all industry sectors and for operations, supervisory and managerial levels. To find out more, click on the links below.

Specialist Courses

We develop customised courses for corporates’ unique training needs.  Be it business communications, customer service, human resource, cyber security, business analytics or change management, we have the capability to design and conduct specialist courses to suit the organisation’s specific needs. We have the capability to develop these courses according to SSG’s Skill Standard. To find out more, click on the links below.

People and Relationship Management - (SSG-IP)

Operations Level
• Communicate and Relate Effectively at the Workplace
(CREW -16 hrs)

Supervisory/Managerial Level
• Facilitate Effective Work Teams (FEWT - 16 hrs) - under development
• Lead Workplace Communication and Engagement (LWCE- 16 hrs) - under development

Personal Management and Development (SSG-PMD)

Operations Level
• Maintain Personal Presentation and Employability (MPPEO-16 hrs)
• Develop Personal Effectiveness (DPEO – 16 hrs)

Supervisory/Managerial Level
• Foster Team Adaptabilty (FTA - 16 hrs) - coming soon
• Manage Workplace Challenges with Resilience (MWCR – 16 hrs) - under development

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