Hi Tea – “Employment Beyond 40” – By Invitation Only

Talk on “Employment beyond 40”.

Course Date: 2 October 2017 (Monday)

Time: 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Talk on “Employment beyond 40”.

Companies comes and go. Long time industry giants could be become obsolete due to new innovations and technologies that disrupt the status quo.

How can we catch a glimpse of the future economy? What will the job market be like? Will our skills still be relevant? Or are we doomed by future economy.

There will be a friendly meet-up at RSVP ProGuide and we will share with you on what the job market will be like, especially for those reaching 40 and beyond. And also on ways to prepare yourself for longer term employability.

This topic will be something very close to our hearts.. “Employment Beyond 40”.  Join us for snacks and tea, and sharing.

Course Date:  To be confirmed. Please register your interest for future events.

Time:  4pm to 6pm  |  7pm to 9pm

Confirmed Registrants will receive a confirmation email with more details on the event.


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