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Trainee Eligibility & Funding for Trainee and/or Corporate Sponsor

RSVP ProGuide Pte Ltd (ProGuide) relies on the trainee declaring truthfully their having met the course entry criteria.  The trainee recognises that ProGuide reserves the right to verify this through testing, interviewing or other process, and to decline the registration of any trainee found not to have met these entry criteria.

ProGuide delivers its courses in the English Language and any course assessment is also conducted in this language.  The trainee shall be responsible for ensuring that he or she is sufficiently proficient in this language to complete this course. In the case of WSQ/SSG courses, Registrants must submit relevant Workplace Literacy certificates or equivalent as approved by SSG to prove eligibility.

The trainee’s eligibility for SSG Funding is based on SSG Terms and Conditions as stipulated in the course information on our website. The trainee and/or his/her sponsoring organisation is responsible for the settlement of full fees should the trainee not comply or meet the SSG Terms and Conditions.


Billing and Payment

Fees payable must be paid before the course begins.  Any failure to do so may result in the de-registration of the trainee for the course.  Please make payment by one of the following means.  More details on payment mode are available on the back of our Invoices.

–  Interbank Fund Transfer

– Crossed cheque

– Credit Card Payment (on ProGuide’s Training Management System (TMS))


Withdrawal, Replacement of Candidate, Switch or Defer Course and Cancellation After Acceptance

Written notice of withdrawal, replacement of a candidate, defer or switch course or cancellation after acceptance from a registered course must be provided to ClientCare_Admin@proguide.com.sg.

Before course commencement, the trainee may substitute another person.  This is subject to the condition that the replacement candidate satisfies all the conditions/pre-requisites for the enrolment of the course, and have fully paid his/her fees.

Refund of the course fee is at the discretion of the management of ProGuide.  There will be no re-fund of course fees after a course has started.  ProGuide reserves the right to charge an administrative fee.


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ProGuide is a social enterprise wholly owned by RSVP Singapore. It conducts business consultancy and training to generate revenue to support its parent charity's programmes.

RSVP Singapore The Organization of Senior Volunteers is a non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering senior volunteers in making a difference for the less privileged in the society. Through impactful community service programmes, the organisation serves more than 150,000 beneficiaries each year.

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